What is non-surgical hair replacement?
Non-surgical hair replacement involves applying a thin, light, transparent membrane/net to the scalp, which is infused with human hair. This membrane/net then attached to the scalp and woven in with the existing hair, to create a very natural hair looks.

This approach allows the hair in the membrane/net to be matched perfectly with the existing hair, colour, density and direction. Similarly, because the membrane/net is attached to the scalp using the very latest bonding materials or adhesive what you can wear it with confidence.

What does the treatment involve?
Most non-surgical hair replacement begins with an initial design consultation. This design consultation ensures that the product is tailored to sit naturally with your existing hair colour, design, density and style.

Why choose non-surgical hair replacement?
So, why would you choose non-surgical hair replacement for cover your baldness? The first and most obvious reason is that, for a lot of men/women could not re-growth their lost own hair by using medicines like Minoxidil, Finasteride or many others. So, if anyone can not re-growth own over head via medical routes – “Non-surgical hair replacement” is their best option for them.